Saturday, March 5, 2011

It's Raining Babies!!!

So many of my friends are having babies...
Several of my friends have kids under the age of five and at least two friends are pregnant. It's interesting watching the bloom of babies around us, now that my own kids are grown.

We had a baby shower today for our friend, Kriss, who is due next month on the 20th. Lots of fun! Addie and I made a cake...our first attempt at fondant. Making it and using it. There are four layers, with cream cheese frosting and sliced strawberries as filling.
The result was far from professional but turned out so damn cute! Fondant is not very easy to work least not the stuff we made. If I ever use it again, I'll try a different recipe but nothing beats good ol' cream cheese frosting.
I'm exhausted this evening. After working all day yesterday, I went out to Addie's and we stayed up until well after midnight putting togther the layers of the cake. I spent the night out there and was awakened around 6:30 this morning with the worry that I had left my camera on the table downstairs. Conan was up and playing so I ran downstairs to bring my camera up to the guest room. Upon my arrival at the bottom of the stairs I was greeted by a grinning Conan saying, "Aimee!!!!" What a sweet pea that boy is. I just love him! Of course, I went back upstairs and promptly fell asleep for a few more hours.
I'm enjoying life these days. I feel peaceful.

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  1. Good Morning Aimee! You know how Conan fell asleep on the couch yesterday just before 4:00 when the sugar wore off? Well then he slept straight thru dinner, which was fine until he got up at 2:45am and was ready to start the day - emphatically WITH mama. It's 8 am and I've already had a full pot of tea. Do I have a point here? Hmmm. I forget. Anyway, nice blog! welcome back to the internet.